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    atched■ them to Quebec with orders to bring ba●ck wives. The settler, thus l■odged and wedded

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    , was required on■ his part to aid in clearing lands for those ●who should come after him.

    * It was c●hiefly in the more exposed parts of the ●colony, that the houses were gathered togeth■er in palisaded villages, thus■ forcing the settler to walk o●r paddle some distance

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    to his ■farm. He naturally preferred to build when ■he could on the front of his farm itself, ne■ar the river, which supplied th

e place of■ a road. As the grants of land w●ere very narrow, his house was not far ●from that of his next neighbo●r, and

thus a line of dwelling●s was ranged along the shore, forming ●what in local language was called a c?●te, a use of the word peculiar to Canada, wh●ere it still prevail

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s. The impoverished ■seignior rarely built a chapel. Most of the earl■y Canadian churches

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were built with funds■ furnished by the seminaries of Queb●ec or of Montreal, aided by contributions of m■

lding ■the houses, destined to

aterial and labor from the parishioners. ** Mea■nwhile mass was said in some house of the ne●ighborhood by

be their own; nor, ●was it ti

* “Sa Majesté semble p●rétendre faire la dépense entière pour■ former le commencement des habitati

ll this work was d, one that ■t
he provident gover

ons■ par l’abattis du bois, la ■culture et semence de deux arpens de ter●re, l’avance de quelques farines aux ■familles venantes,” etc.,

etc.● Projets de Réglemens, 1667. Thi●s applied to civil and milit■ary settlers alike. The established se■ttler was allowed four year■s to clear two ar

pents of land for a new-comer.● The soldiers were main●tained by the king during a year, while ●prepari

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ng their farms and houses. Talon as■ks that two years more be give■n them. Talon au Roy. 10 Nov.●, 1670 ** La Tour, Vie de Laval,● chap. x. a missionary priest, paddl●i

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ng his canoe from village to village■, or from c?te to c?te. The mill w●as an object of the l

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